Laser Etching Products: Promotional Business Tools

Evica-Etch joins the Ilkley “Virtual Christmas Market” 🎄

Evica-Etch have joined the Ilkley “Virtual Christmas Market” where we have the opportunity to virtually promote our brand locally in the Ilkley (Yorkshire) area through Facebook.

You can view our Facebook page here and the Ilkley Virtual Christmas Market here.

Evica-Etch works with businesses all across the UK permanently marking products for automotive, aerospace, product manufacture, retail, marketing & branding, Health Care & Security sectors.

With over 700 members of the group (and 100+ local businesses) it’s clear that organisations are having to think outside of the box to promote their business this year and this is where laser etching products with Evica can lend a helping hand 😊

Laser Etching – New Promotional Approaches

Laser etching/engraving is often associated with the security sector – marking products for serialisation or security warnings for example.

However, Evica-Etch do a lot of work with companies who wish to use laser etching of products as a promotional tool to showcase their brand and help to promote their services – most recently etching USB memory sticks, coasters, water bottles and many other products.

Benefits of Laser Etching Promotional Products with Evica

  • Cost effective way of promoting your brand
  • Etch your logo/contact details onto a number of different products
  • We can help you to source the promotional products (coasters, USB sticks, water bottles for example)
  • Repetition of your message – customers keep these types of products and make eye contact with your brand every time they save a document, or make a brew!
  • We can help to design your logo or you can supply existing artwork

A promotional tool laser etched with your company logo and contact details is an excellent conversation starter for a sales follow up. A personalised gift landing on a prospect’s desk is more likely to help them warm to you and your company than an email lost in the system or a cold call to your prospect to introduce your services. Quite simply it is an affordable “ice-breaker” as a tool in your marketing kit ✅

To discuss the options available and request a quote please contact us here.

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