Laser Etching Service in Yorkshire

If you are looking for a laser etching service in Yorkshire (or anywhere in the UK) then look no further than Evica Etch based right here in Ilkley, West Yorkshire. Visit our Evica Etch home page and find out how laser etching can benefit your business whether you require permanent marking for security or branded products from a marketing perspective Evica is here to help and assist.


Permanently marking products is necessary across a number of industries. Within the automotive industry it’s important for a manufacturer to be able to mark and trace the various components of a motor vehicle to ensure that they are able to organise and efficiently operate their assembly process (and beyond). Laser engraving is a popular tamper proof and secure way of marking parts within the automotive industry which could include VIN plates for example or any component marking. Contact Evica to discuss your automotive requirements.

Product Manufacture

Laser marking and etching is now used widely across the product manufacturing industry and in organisations are always looking fo the best ways to operate more efficiently – whether this is streamlining their predict categorisation process or improving the security of their products to avoid counterfeit.

Aside from the organisational and categorisation aspects of laser etching products – companies have a responsibility to meet their environmental requirements and standards for environmental performance in manufacturing. Laser etching is a clean and environmentally method for permanently marking products at the same time as providing a cost effective alternative to other methods in the marketplace. To discuss your requirements and how we can help you to meet your manufacturing goals please contact Evica here.

Marketing and Branding

Evica offer a smart service for branding products with your company logo and contact details to use for marketing and branding purposes. This could be having your logo etched onto a memory stick to give to customers at a trade show or having your brand and logo etched onto a coaster to provide as a free gift for new customers – whatever your strategy we have experience etching across a number of materials and we can work with you to design your strategy and even source appropriate products for you. Check out one of our recent articles Laser Etching Products: Promotional Business Tools to find out more.

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