Marine Searchlights – A Buyer’s Guide

Hello and welcome to our complete guide to marine searchlights. This article is packed full of helpful information from Evica Lights – market leading design and engineering within the field or marine specification searchlights.

In this guide we will cover:-

  • What are marine searchlights?
  • How are marine searchlights used?
  • Who requires a searchlight and why?
  • How to choose the correct marine searchlight
  • The Evica range of searchlights available

Please read the article fully as we expect to answer most general searchlight questions across the content of the article. However, should you have any questions or require information specific to your searchlight requirements we will provide contact details and links to further information at the foot of the article. Alternatively, you can contact us right away to discuss your requirements.

What are Marine Searchlights?

Marine Searchlights Product Testing

Searchlights are multi-faceted and are required for night time illumination whether it be navigation, security, search, warning or even as a deterrent to aggression.

A searchlight projects a powerful beam of light (this can be a narrow beam or a wider beam depending on your requirements). It will likely feature a “swivel” mechanism – the Evica range for example features both manual (pintle) style mount and the motorised AXIS Searchlight Platform with 360 degree movement in both pan and tilt planes (more about this later!)

Marine searchlights use different light sources with many manufacturers now opting for the LED light source, as it is recognised as ultra-efficient, reliable as well as maintenance free. Using LED technology further ensures a bright and effective source of light for searchlights (and many other applications).

A further advantage of LED technology is that they are available in a huge range of wavelengths from ultraviolet (UV) through the visible range and into the Infra-red (IR). The application of IR allows searchlights when combined with night vision devices is of particular interest for covert surveillance in the security and military applications.

How Are They Used?

The marine searchlight can be used for navigation – plotting and guiding routes, identifying possibly dangers and obstacles as well as emergency search and rescue operations where the use of high specification quality light source is critical.

Searchlight Beams

Searchlights can feature a narrow beam which is ideal for larger vessels and often used within police and military security applications, with the high powered targeted beam optimised for longe range illumination such as the S200 Searchlight.

Alternatively, as searchlight might feature a wider beam which is ideal for smaller vessels and can be used for river searches (as well as prison and security environments outside of the marine specific applications). An example of a wider beam searchlight is the S120 which is optimised for a medium range illumination and popular with commercial marine, border security and coastguard requirements.

Digital Variable or Fixed Beam Systems

Depending on requirements – you may require a fixed beam system or a digital variable system.

Many searchlights use reflectors with mechanical adjustments to vary the beam pattern. An alternative modern approach is to employ a hybrid Fresnel lens with digital adjustment beam which is ultra-reliable. Evica products are unique in offering a digital variable beam system with no moving parts, ensuring stability and reliability (contact us to find out more).

Pan And Tilt Features

Many higher spec searchlights offer pan and tilt features to assist with smooth accurate repeatable operation, controlled from remote positions. This in turn helps the user to perform their operation (whether a search and rescue or a security search for example) with confidence particularly in the harsher environments. In the harsher environments it is critical that the equipment is rugged at the same time as ensuring that smooth and predictable operation is maintained.

The Evica Axis searchlight platform applies high power servo motors providing smooth and efficient adjustment through 360 degrees of motion in both pan and tilt planes. It has a rugged IP66 machined 6063 grade aluminium construction, with surface treatment to DEF STAN 03-26 and A4-80 stainless fasteners. A gyroscopic stabilised version is also available.

Who Requires a Searchlight?

Searchlights have many applications across many sectors including but not limited to marine, commercial marine, border security and coastguard applications.

How to Choose the Correct Marine Searchlight

With so many different options available online it can be difficult to find the correct product to match your requirements.

Our key recommendation is to work with a trusted supplier who can talk through your individual requirements and recommend the product that best fits your purpose.

Evica are an established manufacturer and we manufacture and test all products on site here in the UK. Our experienced and specialist team are on hand to understand your requirements and work with you to find the best solution as often there isn’t a “one size fits all” approach.

Please contact our team by emailing or calling on 01943 605484 or find out more about our range by reading on below.

The Evica Product Range


Narrow beam. Ideal Marine Searchlight for larger vessels. Air, Land, Police and Military searchlight. Find out more about the S200.

  • High powered searchlight optimised for long range illumination
  • IRIS digital beam adjustment function
  • Ultra-reliable, efficient and maintenance free LED light-source
  • Rugged IP-66 machined aluminium construction surface treatment to DEF STAN 03-26
  • Evica designed and manufactured in Great Britain


Compact Searchlight, wide beam. Ideal for River searches, Smaller Vessels, Prison & Security environments. Find out more about the S120.

Product Feature Comparison

Long Range Illumination
IRIS Digital Beam Adjustment
LED Light Source
IP66 Surface Treatment
CRI80+ (selectable 70 – 98+)80+ (selectable 70 – 98+)
CCT5000K standard (selectable 3000K-6500K)5000K standard (selectable 3000K-6500K)
Luminous Flux 10’000 lm10’000 lm
Beam  6°-15° operator adjustable3° – 6° operator adjustable
Voltage 12-36V DC12 – 36V DC
Operating Temperature  -20℃ to 45℃  -20℃  to  45℃           
Materials 6063 Grade aluminium
A4-80 Stainless fasteners
6063 Grade aluminium
A4-80 Stainless fasteners
Finish Marine spec hard anodised enclosure
Marine spec three coat powder coating optional
Marine spec hard anodised enclosure
Marine spec three coat powder coating optional
Weight 3.7kg Pintle mount version5.5kg Pintle mount version
Size Luminaire head Diameter 140mm x 259mmLuminaire head Diameter 214mm x 259mm
Standards IEC 60945 BS ISO 17884:2004IEC 60945 BS ISO 17884:2004
S200 Searchlight illuminating the 'Cow & Calf Rocks' Ilkley
S200 Searchlight illuminating the ‘Cow & Calf Rocks’ Ilkley. (Approx 400m away)

More About Axis Pan and Tilt

Choosing Your Marine Searchlight

Thank you for reading the article and you will now hopefully have all of the information that you need for selecting your searchlight.

If you would like to discuss your specific requirements the team at Evica will be happy to assist you. Please contact us here.

Before contacting us please see below the buyer’s guide information to help you to make your decision. As you will see there are further options to think about including Infra Red emitters, Ultra/violet emitters and our custom triple powder coat finish.

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