Gobo Projectors – A Buyer’s Guide

Welcome to our buyer’s guide to Gobo projectors. This guide provides a helpful, detailed guide which helps you to choose the correct Gobo projector for your requirements.

Evica Lights are a market leading design and engineering company supplying advanced lighting solutions worldwide. Evica projectors are installed in hotels, galleries, retail stores and restaurants across the globe including New York, London, Paris, Amsterdam, Milan and Dubai – you are therefore in “very safe” hands when reading our buyer’s guide!

In this guide we cover the following topics:

We advise reading the article in full to ensure that you are fully equipped with the information that you require to make an informed and educated choice of Gobo projector. At the foot of the article we will provide you with links to further resources. Alternatively, you can contact Evica to discuss your individual requirements by emailing support@evica-uk.com or speak to one of our team on 01943 605484.

What is a Gobo Projector?

”Gobo” stands for Goes Before Optics. It is a compact stencilled disk used in lighting fixtures to produce a projected image on to any surface. The gobo is customised (perhaps with your logo, for example) and you can change the gobo to create different projected effects as required.

The gobo is “only as good as the projector” as the optical quality makes a huge difference to the end projection result. Different quality projectors will provide different quality results. The projector houses the gobo and controls the light source.

The first step is to understand what you are wanting to achieve with your gobo projector. Are you projecting indoors/outdoors? During the daylight or in the evening? Are you looking to project a small image into an internal wall of your restaurant? Or project a large scale image at a music festival for instance? The ideal projector will depend on your project requirements.

The experienced team at Evica Lights can talk through your project with you and provide recommendations based on your individual set of circumstances.

How Are Gobo Projectors Used?

Projectors can be used as permanent fixtures – for example to project your logo onto the wall in your business reception lobby or as temporary features such as events like a wedding or a music festival.

Gobo Projection for Events

Gobo projection is a perfect feature for all manner of events – whether you are running a local fashion show or organising a company awards ceremony. The lighting at an event is integral to creating ambience and many event organisers are now using gobo lighting as part of their overall lighting strategy.

You many wish to promote your brand at an event by projecting an image of your logo at selected locations within a venue, or provide a more aesthetically pleasing experience for you audience by lighting areas of a room that might otherwise appear bland.

The advantage of a gobo lighting in this instance is that it can be temporary. As opposed to producing expensive marketing boards or wall posters, why not re-create the essence of your brand at the event without having to commit to anything permanent which may, or may not get used for future events?

2020/2021 and the Covid-19 pandemic is (sadly) a perfect example.

Many of the companies that invested in printing leaflets, purchasing exhibition boards and physical products to promote their brands at events for the 2020/2021 season will have lost money and potentially need to spend money re-designing and re-creating their marketing tools for events. The gobo projector provides a cost effective, striking solution that you can change dependent upon circumstances.

Gobo Projection in Retail Settings

Gobo projection is now a popular choice across retail settings in the UK and worldwide. Below are examples and benefits of gobo lighting in retail settings.

  • Help customer’s to navigate around the store (using projection lighting to point customers in the right direction manipulate the customer journey to increase the time spent in store).
  • When you change the layout of your retail space use gobo projection to guide/instruct customers instead of having to purchase new signage.
  • Entrance/lobby lighting is important as it sets the tone for the customer visit – therefore using gobo projection to create the right atmosphere as a customer enters the space will likely increase the time they spend in store (and ultimately the money they spend!)
  • Create brand consistency by using the same gobo lighting across multiple locations – ideal for multi-site retail outlets.
  • Retailers will often run different campaigns at different times of the year or they may run sales/promotions in store that require branding. Gobo projectors are a cost effective alternative to spending money (and time) using traditional signage.
  • All retail settings have to meet health and safety requirements and the laws and regulations are always changing, therefore gobo lighting can provide support with health and safety without having to create new expensive signage every time a requirement changes. This is now even more pertinent post-Brexit in the UK.

Gobo Projection in Hospitality Settings

Have you ever stepped into a bar or restaurant where the lighting just isn’t right? Lighting is critical in hospitality settings as it is a key factor in creating the atmosphere and ambiance that keeps customers returning to your venue.

A Hotel will use a gobo projector to display their branding throughout the hotel and particularly in entrance reception areas. The hotel industry is fiercely competitive and companies are always looking for ways to set themselves apart from the competition and hotel design and styling is all important for attracting and retaining the guest. Gobo projection is often used by hotels to provide branding for outdoor areas of the hotel such as the entrance where a hotel might project their logo and/or a welcome message for their guests.

Who Requires a Gobo Projector? – Suggested Applications

How to Choose the Correct Gobo Projector

There are many gobo projectors on the market and it can often feel like a minefield trying to navigate the various make and models to fit your needs.

Our key recommendation is to take your time and find a supplier who can talk through your requirements with you and work out the best solution as opposed to ordering direct from a website that may or may not guarantee that level of support.

All Evica Lights products are designed, manufactured and tested on site here in the UK and our experienced and specialist team are on hand to help you with the decision process.

Please contact our team by emailing support@evica-uk.com or calling on 01943 605484. Before getting in touch, find out more about our range of gobo projectors below.

The Evica Projector Product Range

EP10 – The Compact Projector

The most compact gobo projector on the market. A perfect solution for projecting pin sharp images in retail stores, bars and restaurants. Find out more about the EP10.

  • Powerful enough for a throw distance of 4 meters in a lit room and 8 in darker situations.
  • Perfect for discreet projection for pop-ups, bars or marquees.
  • LED powered this is easy to use and should last up to 10 years before a replacement bulb is needed.

Price: £358 plus VAT. In the box you get:

  • The Projector
  •  Choice of Lens
  • 240v Power Supply
  • Gobo or Framing cassette
  • Hex wrench

EP20 – The Outdoor Projector

Sturdy and waterproof. Designed to be used outside or inside, perfect to project onto the sides of building and floors. Find out more about the EP20.

  • Can be used outdoor or indoors.
  • Great build quality and output.
  • Rugged build quality and IP65 rated waterproof status make it the ideal choice for a multitude of end use.
  • It’s 20w output produces a stunning 850 Lumen with accurate colour reproduction.

Price: £420 plus VAT. In the box you get:

  • The projector – (available in Black, Hard Black, Silver, Anthracite – All are Anodised)
  •  Choice of Lens
  • Gobo or Framing cassette
  • Torque wrench

EP40 – The Work Horse!

The work horse – suitable for projecting a bright sharp image in most locations. Find out more about the EP40.

  • Big brother of the EP10.
  • 40 watt, high output EP40 produces a remarkable 3000 Lumen.
  • Ideal projector for larger venues.
  • High output static image projector.
  • Designed to provide years of trouble free use.

Price: £525 plus VAT. In the box you get:

  • The projector
  •  Choice of Lens
  • 240v Power Supply
  • Gobo or Framing cassette
  • Hex wrench

EP80 – The Power House!

The ‘power house’ with a whopping 80 watts it’s developed specifically to project in larger and brighter locations. Find out more about the EP80.

  • Housed in the samebody as the EP40 but with twice the power.
  • Unbelievably powerful projector.
  • If you have bigger needs this could be the projector that suits.
  • Ideal for daylight use and larger locations.

Price £691 plus VAT. In the box you get:

  • The projector
  •  Choice of Lens
  • 240v Power Supply
  • Gobo or Framing cassette
  • Hex wrench

Choosing Your Gobo Projector

Thank you for reading our Evica Lights Buyers Guide for Gobo Projectors.

Hopefully you will now be armed with all of the information that you need to make an informed choice about the projector that is right for you.

For more info or to order simply call or email us

Tel: +44 (0) 1943 605484
Email: support@evica-uk.com

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