61 Benefits of Laser Etching

Laser Etching is a way of permanently marking products and the benefits of laser etching are multi-faceted. Evica Etch here with your #1 industry guide from Aerospace to Retail – we’ve got it covered.

Benefits of Laser Etching in The Automotive Industry

  • Consistent and predictable marking of components
  • Clear cuts with minimal reworking required (if any)
  • Significant cost savings compared to traditional product marking in the automotive industry
  • A greener/more environmentally friendly approach to product marking
  • Quicker and easier categorisation of automotive components allows for time and cost savings in the assembly process
  • A clean process compared to traditional methods of marking products
  • Minimal waste and compared to chemical marking processes
  • A safer process – no dangerous chemicals and computer operation allows the worker to laser from a safe distance
  • Can be utilised across the whole categorisation, assembly and production process – a true versatile approach
  • A permanent process that doesn’t require re-working, future proof and follows a part through it’s entire lifetime, protected against and chemical exposure
  • Minimal set up costs and quick set up time – you can quickly and efficiently start or switch to a new project

Benefits of Laser Etching in The Aerospace Industry

  • Multiple applications across every Aerospace niche whether it is airlines or spacecraft – Laser Etching is utilised
  • A versatile process that is utilised for marking with identifying information whether it is a barcode or serial number for example
  • You can laser etch small components that may otherwise have been difficult with traditional marking processes
  • Mark unusual shaped components
  • Quicker and more efficient marking multiple characters in a just seconds
  • No need to use damaging or corrosive chemicals
  • Computerised approach reduces margin of error and therefore saving time and money
  • Resistant to the extremes of temperature, difficult environments – the marks will not erode or fade
  • No harmful environmental impact – helping organisations to adhere to green policies
  • Aerospace is heavily regulated and laser etching ensures that a company will remain compliant with even the most stringent of requirements
  • Cost savings (initially and over time) aircrafts in particular have a long shelf life (you don’t just build a new aeroplane…) therefore it becomes even more important that you part process is streamlined and efficient – laser etching ensures cost savings not just initially in the set up process but across the lifetime of a craft
  • Laser Etching is a digital process and the computerised nature of the process allows for effective integration and sharing of component data

Benefits of Laser Etching in Product Manufacture

  • Quicker process ensures a more efficient project – reduces costs, reduces time, reduced man power, increased profit and market competitiveness
  • Reduced wastage ultimately leads to reduced costs and a more profitable business operation
  • A safer approach for workers – many companies move to laser etching for this reason alone, Health and Safety has never been more important in the workplace than it is today
  • Flexibility with your project – as the laser process is computerised, if you need to make project changes at any point throughout, you can quickly make changes without incurring big costs, your laser work moves as your manufacture process moves
  • Further reduction in costs (that you might not have thought of) by outsourcing your marking process – such as the cost of running machines, or fixing and powering your own computers
  • Reduces the chance of counterfeiting, which costs businesses a great deal of money each and every year – laser etched products are much more difficult to copy
  • A one stop process across all manufacturing processes

Benefits of Laser Etching in the Retail Industry

  • Professional signage – your signage is a reflection of your business and handwritten or printed signs do not always look as professional as laser etched signage
  • Laser etched signage last longer than printed or hand produced signage and this provides costs savings
  • Set yourself apart from the competition
  • Speed of production for larger requirements producing/printing signs can take a long time as it requires manual input – however the laser cutting machine never gets tired!
  • Evica Etch have a dedicated team to walk you through the process and ensure everything runs smoothly
  • Quick turnaround – if you have a requirement that is time sensitive then laser etching provides a quick project turnaround
  • Resistant to the weather – perfect for outdoor business retail operations such as garden centres or building merchants for example
  • Cost effective mock-up of designs – the process is computerised therefore you don’t need to spend money printing different design mocks
  • Ideal for all types of retail businesses from the small village shop to a multinational organisation. For example if you have a head office requirements and lots of smaller retail operations (franchises for instance) the process is versatile and doesn’t discriminate
  • Exact replication of your brand – the process is computerised therefore the exact typography or brand logo, for instance, can be re-produced with accuracy
  • Easy to produce one-off parts as well as longer production runs
  • Access to small batch etching is great for smaller marketing projects

Laser Etching in Marketing and Branding

  • Laser etch your logo and contacts details onto most products for promotional purposes
  • Cost effective and unique way of branding – stand out from the crowd
  • Evica Etch can help you to source products as well as offering a full design service
  • Keep your business in the customer’s mind – laser etched products (such as a memory stick or a coaster for example) are products that customer’s will use day in day out – marketing your brand subliminally for years to come!
  • Ideal for trade shows, prizes, rewarding customer loyalty and as gifts for employees to use (whilst marketing the brand outside of the workplace)
  • A classy feel to your promotional goods – laser engraved products shout quality and professionalism, the embodiment of your brand, branding image is important
  • A Sales follow up tool – laser engraved branded products are an excellent way of opening the door to new business. If you have key prospects that you would love to work with and they just won’t pick up the phone… why not send a personalised gift with their contact details or a kind message to your prospect… the perfect door opener!

Laser Etching in the Healthcare Industry

  • Laser etching provides a cost effective service in an industry where cost savings and budget cuts are important
  • Healthcare is heavily regulated and laser marking of products (just like manufacture or aerospace!) can help an organisation to remain compliant with industry regulated standards
  • More than any other industry it is vital that healthcare adopts the more efficient processes when it comes to safety and quality and laser etching provides a safe and high quality result with minimal waste
  • Laser etching is equally relevant across all areas of healthcare – whether it is pharmaceuticals or healthy technology. Healthcare has a manufacturing process all of it’s own in that regard and requires the same efficient processes as any other manufacture operation (more-so)
  • This industry moves quickly – whether it is a new machine or new pharmaceuticals hitting the shelf, laser etching is flexible and adaptable to meet the needs of the industry
  • Marking within healthcare needs to not only be readable but resistant to aggressive sterilisation – laser etching is the perfect partner
  • Products and tools must be able to be quickly identified and categorised as for instance within the surgical spectrum, time is vital so the marking process of laser etching works well in this regard
  • Laser etching can reduce waste in the healthcare industry and there are very few alternatives to laser etching and engraving in the industry

Laser Etching in the Security Industry

  • Ideal for ID cards, credit cards and any product that requires a greater level of security
  • Laser etching reduces fraud and counterfeit
  • Fraud and counterfeit operations are becoming more advanced and laser etching is a common method off marking products to counter this
  • It is quick and easy to personalise a product to match your requirements
  • Laser etching can help a company to meet security compliance
  • Ideal for serial numbers, personal ID numbers, security functions such as bar codes and industry specific security functions

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