Gobo Projectors (A Bumper Guide!)

We are Evica Lights, specialists in Gobo Projectors! Our projectors are crafted on site here in the heart of the Yorkshire, UK. We have gobo projectors installed in hotels, galleries, retail stores and restaurants worldwide, including New York, Paris, London, Amsterdam, Milan and Dubai.

A local company with truly a worldwide reach when it comes to the world of the Gobo! All projectors are designed, developed and built on site in Yorkshire. Every projector is meticulously quality checked before it reaches the customer.

The Heart of Evica – Our Personalised Service and Support

At the core of every Evica Lights project, is the relentless commitment to delivering a personalised approach to service and support. What does that mean?

Purchasing a gobo projector or a custom gobo for existing projectors is rarely a “quick-click” purchasing decision.

The Evica Team will work with you to fully understand the requirements of your lighting project and recommend the right solution.

The 360 product approach (in-house design, prototype, assemble, test and service) means that the Evica team have complete control over the product process and allows for flexibility to create bespoke solutions to projection “problems” whether you are looking for a striking alternative to more traditional signage or a health and safety lighting solution for a warehouse setting.

Evica work with many lighting designers and can offer the same level of discount as when buying from a distributor.

Today’s article is a bumper, all singing, all dancing guide to gobo projectors! Are you in a rush/forgot your glasses? CLICK HERE NOW to contact Evica to discuss your requirements with the dedicated team ๐Ÿ˜Š

Gobo Projectors Today – Our Changing Landscape

GOBO (goes before optic) have been around since the cinema screens of the 1930’s. In more recent years lighting companies have recognised the many applications for gobo projection and right now gobo projection is used effectively across multiple industries and multiple applications worldwide. Our recent article “Gobo Projectors – A Buyer’s Guide, goes into a little more detail about the technicalities of the gobo and gobo projectors.

Since the start of the Coronavirus pandemic in 2019 many businesses are now choosing a gobo projector to project clear social distancing signage in commercial environments and many have found projection lighting to be both cost-effective as well as more visible and eye-catching.

In a context where the great majority of businesses have suffered a significant downturn in trade due to the pandemic, a cost-effective solution to meeting legal, governmental (and moral) obligations was required. Many have turned to projection lighting to meet those requirements. The traditional signage and banners can be expensive and suffer from wear and tare. This can have a detrimental effect on brand image as well as the company finances! Contact Evica to discuss how we can support you in reducing costs, increasing visibility and creating a safer commercial environment.

Projected Signage Explored

The Evica range of projectors are ideal for projecting signage in warehouse or factory setting. The gobo itself is cost-effective and relatively easy to produce. Therefore, once a company has purchased the correct gobo projector to meet their requirement they can replace and interchange a range of gobos to project different signage at different points of the warehouse/factory or at different times.

Workplace Demands

The impact of the Coronavirus pandemic has resulted in a huge rise in online ordering and home delivery demand. As a result the warehouse and factory functions, not just in the UK but all over the world are having to cope with this new level of demand.

Warehouse accidents have increased. Safety and signage functions within these operations are often now not suitable to meet the new demands of a changing workplace where safety is paramount. A recent BBC article alluded to the rise of warehouse injuries.

Investing in Projected Signage

Investing in projected signage can help your organisation to keep your employees safe and help you to meet the legal and safety requirements of your industry.

Projected signage will provide clear directions and instructions around the warehouse/factory, vital hazard information as well as “route planning” of forklift (and other machinery) around the space to ensure that your work force are operating as efficiently as possible.

Efficiency in the workplace is key, with many companies now understanding and adopting the Japanese Kaizen approach, meaning “change for the better or continuous improvement”.

One of the key benefits of gobo projectors and projected signage over and above posters, banners, stickers and traditional signage is that it is customisable. Why is this important?

The design of your warehouse may need to change at any time to meet the changing demand of your industry. Projected signage allows you to change and adapt your signage, with minimal cost and a speedy turnaround!

Other Factors To Consider

When investing in a gobo projector for your projected signage project it is advisable to speak with a professional who can help you to plan and design your space.

There are many factors to consider when choosing the correct projector such as desired projection size, distance, the surfaces that you are planning to project onto and the existing brightness of your workspace.

All of these factors will impact the type of gobo projector that you will require.

To find out more about the Evica Lights range of Gobo Projectors visit our blog post Gobo Projectors – A Buyer’s Guide. Or Contact Evica HERE.

Gobo Projectors: for Events

Let’s talk about branding.

Gobo projectors are commonly used to support company branding at events. It’s a fantastic way to personalise an event and promote your brand in a stylish and unique way.

You can project your logo, company information or any important advertising message that you might want to bring to the attention of your guests. You might want to promote corporate sponsors at your event using gobo lighting and make additional revenue through sponsorship or draw attention to a charity that you are supporting, for instance.

At internal company events you may wish to project key information that you wish to relay to employees or use gobo lighting as part of a company presentation at an event. The possibilities with gobo lighting are endless and it’s a cost-effective way to raise brand awareness or promote your company.

Are you a Wedding Event Organiser or Planner?

Wedding event companies are increasingly using gobo lighting to provide a unique experience for their client on their wedding day. Evica Lights can supply gobo projectors to wedding event companies to hire out as part of their wedding package offering. From a commercial stand point – if you are a wedding planner, the ability to provide a unique and eye-catching option to your client can set you apart from the competition and may just be the difference between the client choosing your company or your competition to plan their special day!

The Evica EP20 Outdoor Projector is a great example of a projector that a wedding planner can offer for an event as it can be used both indoors and outdoors, with a stunning 850 lumen output. View the full spec for this projector here.

Gobo Projectors: Hospitality

Gobo projectors are widely used across the hospitality sector.

A hotel will project their logo onto the foyer floor or they may wish to use projection lighting to help the flow of hotel guests through their establishment. They could point customers in the direction of the checking in desk, or direct guests towards bathroom facilities. Since the start of Covid-19 pandemic it has become more and more important to effectively manage the flow of customers through hospitality settings, keeping guests safe through effective social distancing. Projection lighting is an excellent way of achieving this.

The Evica EP80 Projector is a great example of a projector that can be used at hotels and hospitality venues. With a huge 80 watts, itโ€™s developed specifically to project in larger and brighter locations. View the full spec of this projector here.

Are you a Bar or Restaurant Owner?

Gobo projectors are an excellent way of raising awareness of promotions and special offers within your bar or restaurant space.

Many bar owners will use Gobo lighting (which can be customised) to guide customers towards products that yield a higher profit or to promote special drinks and food offers. Jon Taffer is a name that many will be familiar with in the bar industry and is considered the world expert on “bar science”. He explains that running a profitable bar, is so so much more than pouring drinks – it is a science and lighting is a big part of that science.

More than just directing people to drinks offers or promotions, colour and light effect interactions between people and those interactions can make people stay longer, spend more money and increase your profits as a bar owner.

Using a Gobo projector is a great start. The innovative EP10 gobo projector, is the most compact gobo projector on the market. A perfect solution for projecting pin sharp images in retail stores, Bars and Restaurants. It is also a great way to create special effects for live music at venues. Contact Evica to discuss your requirements.

Product Spotlight: The EP40 Gobo Projector

Using the latest LED technology with the highest efficiency, the EP40 produces zero IR and zero UV radiation and 90% lumen maintenance at 65,000 hours of operation. Like its little brother the EP10, this unit will provide you with a maintenance free image that can be relied upon.

The six element optical system, with multi-layer antireflection coatings, maintains remarkable efficiency and provides our trade mark pin sharp edge to edge image. The lens tube has a locking screw which restricts tampering once focused.

Constructed from machined aluminium and with a satin anodised finish, the laser etched EP40 is robust and contemporary in design. Custom finishes can be provided for individual branding.

Using a unique, magnetic, gobo holding cassette, you can change the image in seconds.

The supplied locking mounting bracket, gives 360 degrees of rotation and 180 degree of tilt enabling you to position the fitting in the most optimum location.

The EP-40 is perfect for the hospitality sector and particularly larger venues. Find out more about the EP-40.

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