Gobo Projectors

Our projectors are installed in Hotels, Galleries, Retail stores and Restaurants Worldwide including New York, London, Paris, Amsterdam, Milan, Dubai. Our range of 4 gobo projectors with specific strengths are outlined below. 



The extremely compact portable gobo projector, powerful enough to project a perfect image in retail stores & bars


Sturdy and waterproof, designed to be used outside or inside, perfect to project onto the sides of building and floors etc.


The tried and tested popular work horse - suitable for projecting a bright sharp image in most locations


The 'power house' with a whopping 80 watts it's developed specifically to project in larger and brighter locations

What are Gobo effects projectors, and why would I want one?

What is a Gobo?

A Gobo is a small stencilled disc, it's used in lighting fixtures to create a projected image, logo or pattern on any surface. It's cheap & easy to get new gobos created.

And the projector?

The Projector is the key component providing controlling the light source & housing the Gobo. The optical quality makes a huge difference to the end result.

Why use one?

It's a great alternative to banners or signs, provides something visually different & striking. They are good for temporary events or used permanently.

We design, develop & build our projectors on site in Ilkley, Yorkshire.
We pride ourselves on creating excellent quality products and unrivalled support.