Gobo & LED Lighting systems

LED lights & gobo projectors for showrooms, bars, galleries, exhibitions…

Our gobo projector range

EP10 - Compact

The innovative EP10, the smallest, most portable gobo projector on the market, a perfect solution for projecting pin sharp images in Retail stores, Bars and Restaurants


EP20 - Outdoor

Our all new outdoor gobo projector IP65 rated. Sturdy, powerful and waterproof, designed to project your images onto the sides of walls, buildings and onto pavements

EP40 - Workhorse

Big brother of the EP10, high output EP40 produces a stunning 3000 Lumens of bright white light with accurate colour reproduction. The perfect solution for larger venues


EP80 - Ultra

Our latest development ... ...the ultra powerful gobo projector. With the ability to project even further with super sharp images, even in daylight conditions.


Professional LED lights

The SP10 is perfect for high end applications where the light quality is critical. 
For example fashion retail stores, fresh food halls & art galleries

High Quality Laser etching service now available

A great way to permanently mark products like: 
Security Warnings, CE Markings, Serialisation, Brand display of logos etc, Personalisation.