Laser Etching Service

High quality Laser Etching / Engraving Service

Laser etching is used to permanently mark products, ideal for automotive, aerospace, product manufacture, retail, marketing & branding, Health Care & Security

Why Laser Etch

Laser etching is a great way to permanently mark products and devices for reasons such as:
Security Warnings,
CE Markings,
Brand display of logos etc,

What can we Laser Etch

Tools, Control Panels, Product Plates, Metal and plastic product components, Lights mobile phones, iPads, PCB's

We laser etch on most metals:
Aluminium, Alloys, Titanium,
Mild and Stainless Steel,
Tin, Copper, Brass, Cast Iron
and most Plastics.

Our Etching Service

We'll work with you to create a design to meet your needs, Text, graphics, logos, unique serialisation etc.

We can convert your Logo/Graphics,

As well as etching we may be able to source products for you at a competitive rate.

Product Design & Etching

Testimonial from Mike
Evicas knowledge, advice and willingness to help was invaluable during the design phase of our laser etched cable clamp.

We worked very closely together and this ultimately enabled us to achieve great results whilst keeping a keen eye on costs.

A few years on and we now have an excellent and established working relationship. James knows our company well and Evicas personable and accommodating nature means we feel very comfortable contacting them to utilise their expertise and explore new projects.

Mike - Production Manager -​

Etching Titanium

Testimonial from James
We have used Evica to laser etch our products for the past few years because of superior quality and fast turn around times.

We’ve also been able to do one-off custom parts as well as longer production runs which gives us the same flexibility as having the system in-house.

The price is very reasonable, combined with the turn around time and quality we will continue to use Evica as our only marking solution.

James Beresford - Owner -

Specialised Marketing Etch

Testimonial from Rory
We have worked with Evica on a couple of custom laser etch projects now and dealing with them has been very easy and the results have been spot on every time.

Having access to small batch etching has been great for marketing projects where extra branding added to our Lezyne cycling accessories makes them stand out even more.
We will continue to use Evica for all our custom laser etching requirements and would recommend them to anyone looking for a competitive quote.

Rory -

Design and Etching Service

“Evica were fantastic to work with and incredibly helpful during the whole process from initial design to delivering the finished product. I absolutely recommend Evica and I’m certainly happy to call myself a loyal customer.”

Rosie - Managing Director at

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